Getting fit for 55 and set for 2050: Electrifying Europe with wind energy

The EU wants a highly electrified energy system as the basis for climate neutrality by 2050. And they want wind to be half of Europe’s electricity. That means ruthlessly prioritising the future-proof technologies, infrastructure and business models that will accelerate renewables-based electrification. A new report from ETIPWind and WindEurope, “Getting fit for 55 and set for 2050: Electrifying Europe with wind energy”, sets out how to meet the challenge.




ETIPWind and WindEurope


Di, 08.06.2021, 15:00 Uhr - 17:30 Uhr

 How much of our energy demand can we electrify with renewables? What investments are needed in energy infrastructure? The EU wants wind to be half our electricity in a much more electrified energy system. Do we have the technology and business models to deliver that?
These are the questions policy-makers are asking today. Getting the answers and decisions right is key to achieving climate neutrality in 2050. Starting with the "Fit for 55" package that the European Commission will unveil shortly.

Join us on 8 June at 15:00 CEST when we'll present a new ETIPWind and WindEurope report “Getting fit for 55 and set for 2050: Electrifying Europe with wind energy”.

The report spells out the policies and technologies Europe needs to meet its decarbonisation challenge. Which solutions we can already implement today and which we still need to develop. And the five megatrends that will put wind at the heart of a climate neutral energy system.

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