Renewable – no matter what the weather

New technology enables the use of wind power in a calm and solar power at night

© GP Joule

Flexible storage systems help to adapt the weather-induced fluctuations in wind and solar energy production to consumption. Numerous consumers, interconnected by means of a smart grid, can take on the job of an energy storage unit by recharging their electric car at night, or stabilise the grid by for example switching on the washing machine during off-peak hours when there is plenty of electricity available.

One such storage system is the GP Joule Power Gap Fillerwhich uses excess wind power to produce hydrogen through electrolysis. This hydrogen can be stored and later converted back into electricity or used to power electric cars that use fuel cells. The Bosch battery storage unit at Bürgerwindpark Braderup-Tinningstedt works just like a traditional battery.

EE.SH and its cooperation partner EEK.SH support research, development and innovation in the field of energy storage. You can find out more about our Services here.



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