Regional renewable energy projects



Windtestfeld-Nord GmbH was founded in 2013 on the initiative of the North Frisia Business Development Association.

The wind energy test field enables and promotes the testing and certification of new technological developments.

eFarm - GP Joule


Generating hydrogen fuel with wind? The "eFarm" project - the largest green hydrogen mobility project in Germany to date - shows that this is possible. In the district of North Frisia the pilot project will install a hydrogen infrastructure from generation to processing and fleet utilization. The aim is to introduce a sustainable, collective system to society at large based on renewable energies.


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The WEST COAST100 project focuses on the first-time development of a decarbonized value chain. In this process, renewable power generation, the chemical industry (refinery) and the building materials industry (cement plant) are linked together. Within the five-year project period, an electrolysis plant with a capacity of 30 megawatts will be installed and operated.

eHighway SH

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In the eHighway Schleswig-Holstein field test, a vehiclesystem and infrastructuresystem for electrified road freight transport is being tested in real operation. An eHighway test route for electrically powered overhead line trucks has been built on the Highway A1 between the Reinfeld and Lübeck. Spedition Bode GmbH & Co. KG will use the route in daily shuttle operation until the end of 2022. Other companies are generally free to participate in system testing. The aim of the field test is to evaluate the eHighway system in real operation ecologically, economically and technically.


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Windcloud supplies its data center 100% with physically green energy, mostly from wind energy. In addition, the waste heat from the servers is refined on site in an algae farm.

On this basis, Windcloud offers powerful cloud and colocation services - CO2-free, highly available and GDPR-compliant.



The decarbonization of the transport sector, particularly in the areas of transportation and aviation, is an increasingly complex challenge. The "KEROSyN100" project is dedicated to this challenge primarily through the development and demonstration of a dynamic, efficient and scalable process chain for the production of electricity-based kerosene and other liquid fuels. The focus is on the production of electricity-based kerosene, which will be tested in real flight operations in a later project phase.


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With the project initiative and the "ENTREE100" network, the Heide Region Development Agency is bringing together a regional network for innovative Power-to-X technology in a large-scale demonstration environment. 
"ENTREE100" coordinates more than 100 partners and over 25 topics. Here, solutions for a 100% supply of renewable energies are developed, practically tested and transferred on different scales.


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The expansion of renewable energies is important for achieving our climate protection goals. The achievement of these goals is significantly promoted by the efficient and grid-compatible use of renewable energies in the electricity, heating and transport sectors. QUARREE100 investigates how wind, sun and biomass must be converted into other forms of energy, stored and distributed in order to provide a competitive, reliable and sustainable energy supply in the urban district.

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