From the original idea to the new technology

EE.SH supports innovations in your operation

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Innovations are the driving force in the renewable energy industry. They are needed to make plants more efficient, the supply from renewable sources more economical and to make it possible to store the energy. 

The Innovation Management team at the EE.SH network agency is the main point of contact for businesses involved in the planning, development and realisation of research and development projects in the renewable energy sector. After the planned project has been discussed and the first innovation checks have been carried out, the innovation team establishes contacts to the appropriate technology scouts and innovation consultants at  WT.SH GmbH and to businesses suitable for prospective cooperations. 

EE.SH also works closely together with the Schleswig-Holstein Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Climate Protection. EEK.SH coordinates the transfer of knowledge between universities and businesses, academic training and retraining for the renewables industry, and is a collaborative project involving six Schleswig-Holstein universities. It developed from the centres of excellence for wind energy and the use of biomass in Schleswig-Holstein. The project is managed by the Research and Development Centre of the Kiel University of Applied Science.



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