International co-operation

In today's global economy internationalisation is the key to success also for the renewable energy business. EE.SH and its partners engage in the initiation and realisation of international activities to strengthen the innovative power and competitiveness of the cluster.

By participating in the INTERREG North Sea Region-Projekt SCALE-UP the EE.SH cluster is linked with Cleantech clusters in Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and Denmark, who can get you in direct contact with international companies.The Energy Cluster Denmark is also our close co-operation partner. In addition we participate regularly in activities of the German-Polish Windenergy-Club NPKEW .

externer Link zum Allia Future Business Center
externer Link zum Energy Cluster Denmark
externer Link zu Cambridge Cleantech
externer Link zu RI.SE
externer Link zum Cleancluster DK
externer Link zu Clean Tech Delta
externer Link zu Cleantech Flanders

Many companys of our network maintain business relationships with companies from European or other foreign countries. In a free initial consultation we can help you to find international partners or we get you in touch with the Schleswig-Holstein Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation (WTSH ) and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN ). EEN facilitates international co-operation through on-line and direct B2B-forums at international trade fairs and conferences.




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