Schleswig-Holstein’s Energy Sources

Wind energy, biogas and photovoltaics produce over 100 %

Auf diesem Bild sieht man alle drei erneuerbaren Energieformen vereint. Im Vordergrund der Gärbehälter einer Biogasanlage, rechts dahinter eine Lagerhalle, auf dessen Dach unzählige Solarmodule montiert sind, und dahinter eine größere Windkraftanlage.

15,700 people in Schleswig-Holstein work in the renewable energy sector, 9,000 in the wind industry and 5,200 in the biogas sector. Other important technologies in Schleswig-Holstein are photovoltaics, solar heating, combined heat and power plants, wood-pellet heating, energy storage and the geothermal energy. 

The proportion of power from renewable sources in the total electricity consumption of Schleswig-Holstein in 2015 was over 100%, compared with 33% nationally.

The share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption (power plus heat and fuel) in 2013 was 22%, compared with 12% nationally.

The EE.SH network agency supplies businesses deciding to settle or open branches in Schleswig-Holstein with contacts and information about the state as a business base and about current funding programmes.

The EE.SH network agency supports cooperation between the different renewable energy sectors. The project team organises cross-sector events and establishes contacts to prospective business partners, public authorities and funding institutions. Find out more about ourServices







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