International contacts for innovators

16. Jan 2020

International contacts for innovators

New project manager for EE.SH and SCALE-UP: Martina Christiansen

The Nordfriesland Business Development Company welcomes our new junior project manager Martina Christiansen. She works at our projects Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network Agency (EE.SH) and SCALE-UP. We joined the Interreg North Sea Region project SCALE-UP this year. The other project partners come from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden. SCALE-UP supports start-ups and small/ medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to establish renewable and sustainable innovations by creating co-operation opportunities with corporate byers.

As EE.SH project leader Axel Wiese points out: “SCALE-UP brings us in a position to offer international contacts to SMEs of the renewable energy sector in Schleswig-Holstein.”

Our new colleague is Master of Engineering from Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. 27 year-old Martina Christiansen says: “I have been working on various renewable energy projects. Now I am looking forward to support innovators and promote sustainable technologies.”

More information about SCALE-UP:


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