Between two seas

Schleswig-Holstein’s specialised maritime sector

© OFW Butendiek

The island of Helgoland is located 30 kilometres from the coast, giving Schleswig-Holstein a natural offshore harbour. Helicopters fly to the offshore wind farms off the Schleswig-Holstein coast from the towns of Büsum, Husum and St. Peter-Ording. The offshore industry in Schleswig-Holstein is primarily comprised of business in the logistics and port management, suppliers, training and retraining, research, planning, financing, insurance and legal sectors. Thanks to the Kiel Canal, Schleswig-Holstein is an attractive base for businesses active on both the Baltic and North Sea.

Off the Schleswig-Holstein coast lies the Helgoland Cluster with the wind farm projects Amrumbank West (Operated by EON with 80 turbines, 288 MW), Meerwind Süd/ Ost (Operated by WindMW with 80 turbines, 288 MW) and Nordsee Ost (Operated by RWE with 48 turbines, 295 MW). The Sylt Cluster comprises the offshore wind farms Butendiek (Operated by wpd with 80 turbinens, 288 MW), DanTysk and Sandbank (Operated by Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München, each 288 MW). Schleswig-Holstein provides 1,500 megawatts and thus 44 per cent of the installed German offshore capacity. A further 1,000 megawatts is to be installed by 2025.

The Sandbank project is still under construction, and the other offshore wind farms were commissioned between 2013 and 2015.



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