Intelligently networked

EE.SH members integrate renewable energy plants in a virtual power plant

© Nordgröön

A network of different generation plants with storage units or flexible energy consumers based on communication and information technology are essential if we are to reconcile the fluctuating daily energy requirement with the weather-dependent fluctuating energy production from renewable sources. This networking is termed system integration.

Many decentralised power plants such as wind turbines, photovoltaic and biogas plants and combined heat and power plants can be connected with one another to create a virtual combined power station. The energy services providerNordgröön has been operating such a virtual power plant in Medelby since 2012. The Nordgröön team control and monitor the plants from a control room (photo). Nordgröön trades the electricity from these generation plants on the corresponding European electricity exchanges. Working together with regional SMEs, Nordgröön is currently running a project phase connecting consumers with this control centre.

Energy services provider ARGE Netz is also currently establishing a renewable power station with a control centre at its Breklum business base to network 1,200 megawatt output from wind, photovoltaics and biomass.

System integration also includes services that contribute to the functioning of a reliable energy supply, such as converting power into heat or providing power balancing. EE.SH and its cooperation partner EEK.SH support specific projects and research, development and innovation in the field of system integration and digital networking. You can find out more about our Services here.



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