Extending the network off-shore

02. Nov 2017

Extending the network off-shore

Co-operation between the Danish Cluster Offshoreenergy.sk and the Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network EE.SH

Just a few days before OFFSHORE B2B 2017, Offshoreenergy.dk enters into an important co-operation agreement with the German energy cluster EESH. The picture shows Glenda Napier, CEO of Offshoreenergy.dk, and Sascha Wiesner, project lead at EESH, signing the contract.

Glenda Napier says: “The German offshore industry is a direct neighbour with considerable potential. We know that a further 1,000 MW will be installed in the Helgoland cluster alone by 2025, and there are also plans to continue expansion elsewhere. The Danish offshore cluster has great expertise in such aspects as installation, commissioning and logistics, which also are directly applicable on the German side of the border.”

Offshoreenergy.dk is unique in embracing the whole offshore industry – both the golden oil and gas industries and the green wind and wave energy. The synergy offered by the cross-sector transfer of knowledge makes the Danish cluster an interesting partner for EE.SH, says Sascha Wiesner:

”There are a lot of skills learned from offshore oil and gas, which can be of use to offshore wind. We have members who are active in both areas, but not to the same degree as the Danish offshore cluster. Entering into a co-operation with Offshoreenergy.dk is a great match for us.”

More information at www.offshoreenergy.dk and www.ee-sh.de.

Note also the big offshore B2B event at Esbjerg from 8 to 9 November: www.offshoreenergy.dk/event/offshore-b2b-2017-0

Find here the entire press release about the co-operation: “New Danish-German offshore co-operation offers great potential”.


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