HUSUM Wind 2017: market opportunities in Argentina and India

19. Sep 2017

Schleswig-Holstein's Renewable Energy Network Agency EE.SH invited experts to Germany's biggest wind trade fair of the year to inform on political targets and conditions for renewables in Argentina and India

10 Gigawatt (GW) renewable energy capacity until 2025 is the target of the Argentine Government plan RENOVAR. At the moment, there is only a 1 GW installed, with many projects under construction. In August, the second round for tenders of 1,200 Megawatt (MW) renewable energy capacity was opened.

In India, at the end of 2017 a capacity of more than 30 GW wind energy will be installed. A plus of 5 to 8 GW per year until 2020 is expected.

During HUSUM Wind 2017, the Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network Agency EE.SH together with Hamburg Renewable Energies (EEHH) and the German Wind Energy association BWE invited experts from Argentina and India to inform on market and political conditions for renewable energy projects in these states.

The presentations will soon be published here. There is an interview with Dr.Ramiro Gomez Barinaga, counselor to the Argentinian government, freely available.


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