EE.SH Newsletter issue 4/ July 2017 out now

05. Jul 2017

Change in project management, an excerpt of Schleswig-Holstein’s new governmental coalition contract and research projects are some of the topics

Germany’s northernmost Bundesland elected a new government. It was inaugurated a few days ago. Schleswig-Holstein’s renewables branch now expects the energy transformation goals mentioned in the coalition contract to be put into practice (see pages 18 to 19 of this newsletter).

Not only the former government is taking leave - we also had to say goodbye to Martin Kopp, project lead at the Renewable Energy Network Agency Schleswig-Holstein EE.SH. He will become director of the economic development organisation in the city of Wismar. Our new project lead, Sascha Wiesner, is expert in economic law and experienced in renewable energies. Read more about the change in our project management on page 4 of this newsletter.

The EE.SH Newsletter issue 4/ July 2017 is available for free download here.


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