Senvion concludes first contract in Norway

01. Nov 2016

Senvion, headquartered in Hamburg, supplies 33 new wind turbines to Egersund wind farm.

Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, announces its first contract in Norway for the supply of 33 Senvion 3.4M114 turbines to Egersund wind farm. The project with Norsk Vind Egersund AS will have a total rated output of 112.2 megawatts (MW) and will produce enough green energy to power more than 73,000 Norwegian households which equals nearly half of the surrounding Norwegian province of Rogaland.

The wind farm was acquired by LUXCARA, one of Europe's leading asset managers for renewable energy investments. Egersund will be part of the portfolio of the fund FLAVEO Infrastructure Europe SCS SICAV-FIS - Solar and Wind, which was set up for institutional investors.

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