Becoming acquainted with new markets

Framework conditions, contacts, funding opportunities

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Technologies and services for the production of renewable energy have great export potential. This not only applies to plant manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers, but also to appraisers, consultants and IT enterprises. 

The Export Advice team at the EE.SH network agency knows the new markets for your areas of business. It provides you with contacts to partners in the target markets and informs you about funding opportunities for any foreign activities you are planning.

After export consulting, the next important step is getting to know the markets directly so that you can identify possible business locations and business partners on the ground. In collaboration with the Business Development and Technology Transfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (WT.SH) and cooperation partners abroad, the EE.SH network agency organises delegations to countries and regions interested in working together with German business partners. 

To present your business on a trade fair is another way of establishing contacts to international business partners. In association with WT.SH, the Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network Agency also provides joint booths at international trade fairs.

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