The Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network Agency (EE.SH) offers the following kind of events:

RE Workshops

The renewable energy environment is constantly changing. In addition to political and technical trends, regional topics are gaining importance. These include such areas as state policy affecting such issues as the designation of suitable sites for wind turbines, planning guidelines or specific funding programmes. EE.SH also cover such subjects as foreign markets, innovations and renewable energy supply concepts. The RE Workshops are seminars which provide information about current topics and aid professional development and regional networking. Up to 70 people from North Germany take part in these workshops.

RE-Community Meeting

The RE-Community Meeting is a regular event where up to 150 guests from Schleswig-Holstein and its neighbouring states come together to establish business contacts, advertise their businesses and acquire new customers. The RE-Community Meeting is the ideal platform for marketing and regional sales.


The shift to renewable energy use is both a domestic and international task. Schleswig-Holstein is leading in terms of grid expansion and the use of energy storage technology, and is home to many innovative enterprises. This knowledge is disseminated at national and international conferences, and we support networking between regional and national businesses. Our conferences include windWERT, an onshore wind energy event that attracts 200 attendees from all over Germany.


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