Value Creation with Renewable Energy

Cheap energy production with sustainable all-round supply

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Schleswig-Holstein is rich in renewable energy. Here in The True North we already produce more renewable power than we actually need. Schleswig-Holstein is now taking the next step in its shift to full renewable energy supply and value creation by supporting sector coupling projects. In other words, we use renewable power to directly charge electric vehicles, to generate heat, or convert the energy into hydrogen so that it can be stored or used to provide valuable raw materials for the chemical industry.

The state also helps firms already based here or that wish to settle here to supply themselves with cheap, regionally produced renewable energy. Claims such as our products are carbon neutral or this enterprise is powered by 100% renewable power from the region are both advertisements and investments in the future of firms that use them. In Schleswig-Holstein there are available commercial sites between wind farms that have the lowest power generation costs anywhere in Germany. Combined with solar cells, biogas plants, storage systems, smart grids and power-to-heat concepts, it is already possible to supply all your energy needs with renewables.

Energy supply in local authority areas and municipal enterprises can also be optimised with an intelligent combination of renewable energy sources. The first flagship projects in Schleswig-Holstein are already showing the way forward to a climate-neutral and competitive future.

The Renewable Value Creation Team at EE.SH, the Schleswig-Holstein renewable energy network agency, hosts events and provides first-hand information to show how businesses can successfully implement the first steps to achieving a sustainable energy supply. It also identifies technical trends, and helps businesses find the right cooperation partners and public funding programmes.

So if you have any concrete project ideas, come and talk to us!


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