Renewable Energy as Economic Factor for the Region

Renewable Energy Network Agency Schleswig-Holstein

Schweres Gespann aus Zugmaschine und überlangem Anhänger mit einem Rotorblatt für eine Windkraftanlage von schräg vorn, bei Dunkelheit

The Schleswig-Holstein Renewable Energy Network Agency (EE.SH) provides support for wind power, photovoltaics and biomass businesses, and for those in other marketable renewable energy sectors. In Schleswig-Holstein most of the renewables businesses are SMEs involved as suppliers and service providers. EE.SH arranges events, organises exhibition stands and export workshops for developing new markets, and promotes networking between regional businesses in the sector. Other services provided by EE.SH include innovation consulting in close cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energies and Climate Protection (EEK.SH).

Another focus of EE.SH’s work is developing energy concepts for businesses. The goal is to set up commercial and industrial estates in Schleswig-Holstein whose energy consumption is predominantly covered from renewable sources. Components of this energy concept are the generation of heat from renewable sources, grid adaptation, energy storage projects and mobility concepts.

If you have any questions about training, retraining and further training, skilled staff, financing, subsidies, marketing support, sector coupling or the energy policy framework, just talk to us. We will answer your questions or put you in contact with the right person who can.

The lead partners of the EE.SH project are the North Frisia Business Development Corporation and the Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein (WTSH) and the project is 60% funded by the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Transport and Technology’s regional development Fund. The project is co-funded by the business development corporations of Dithmarschen/ Steinburg (Entwicklungsgesellschaft Brunsbüttel egeb), Kiel (KiWi GmbH), North-Frisia and Rendsburg-Eckernförde, the Messe Husum & Congress GmbH and the ARGE Netz, Watt 2.0 and Windcomm e. V business associations.

EE.SH is thus mainly financed by public bodies, putting it in an excellent position to interface between business and government and arrange events that facilitate contact between the two.



Netzwerkagentur Erneuerbare Energien in Schleswig-Holstein

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