Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland mbH

Schloßstraße 7
25813 Husum

+49 4841 6685-0
+49 4841 6685-16

The North Frisia Business Development Corporation (WFG NF) is the main point of contact for the North Frisia economic region. In addition to advising businesses, its main business is marketing the business location, developing commercial and industrial space and promoting focus sectors. It researches funding opportunities for local firms and competently assists new businesses with moving to the area and the planning applications involved. WFG NF supports businesses in their search for commercial space and real estate, as well as helping find employees and training opportunities for them.
Another area of activity is the expansion of regional and international business networks. To this end the WFG NF established a network agency for the wind industry, windcomm schleswig-holstein (www.windcomm.de), and remains responsible for the project. This is because the wind industry in particular, with 2,500 employeesin the Husum area, has become an established economic sector in the region. WFG NF is a non-profit municipal corporation.
The current focus of WFG NF’s activities includes the settlement of offshore and onshore wind power enterprises, the creation of zones for municipal wind test fields, and employee qualification for the wind industry. Due to their favourable positions in relation to offshore wind farms the ports of Husum and Dagebüll are eminently suitable as supply ports. List and Hörnum on the island of Sylt are very good as response ports. There is also sufficient commercial space available for onshore wind power, in an established corporate network. Employee retraining is provided by the Husum-based Training Center for Renewable Energy (BZEE) in co-operation with local education providers.


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