Wirtschaftsförderungs-Gesellschaft des Kreises Rendsburg-Eckernförde mbH & Co. KG

Berliner Str. 2
24768 Rendsburg

+49 4331 1311-0
+49 4331 1311-25

For years, Rendsburg-Eckernförde County has displayed extraordinary strength when it comes to developing new ideas that elicit enthusiasm worldwide. This is where engineers already think about what will be important in the future. And that shapes the whole region: where employees, suppliers and service providers from the most varied sectors have found their place. The county is not only popular with employers and employees because of its good position on the A7 autobahn and the Kiel Canal, but also because of its excellent recreational activities. It has over 55 km of Baltic Sea coastline, the North Sea is less than an hour away, and only between 50 and 100 kilometres to Hamburg.
We are the first point of contact for enterprises coming to the county. Whether it is about getting subsidies, speeding up planning procedures or strategic issues – we look after our target group, we dedicate our activities to the interests of the enterprises and establish the necessary contacts. Our aim is to developthe future potential of existing medium sized businesses in our region. We offer founders of new businesses competent advice and comprehensive support in our three technology and start-up centres.


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