Wilhelm E. F. Schmid GmbH

Am Aussenhafen
25813 Husum

+49 4841 2014
+49 4841 77942822

Wilhelm E.F. Schmid – Your competent waterborne logistics partner

Are you looking for and experienced and reliable partner for your transport by sea?
You will find Wilhelm E. F. Schmid GmbH in Husum, direct in the cradle of the wind industry, where the greatest leading wind trade fair was born. Our home is where wind is at home.

We offer Europewide transport of:

• Construction and spare parts
• General cargo
• Project cargoes


• The organisation of the transport of complete wind turbines.

Thanks to decades of experience, we are the right people for you. Wilhelm E.F. Schmid founded the firm in 1949 in Husum’s outer harbour as a shipbroker for small coasters, often converted sailing ships, for supplying the islands and halligs in the North Frisian Wattenmeer coastal region.

Our business has grown and developed constantly over the last sixty years. From granite, grain and feed transports, to transporting wood, stone, scrap and fertilisers we travel on the North and Baltic Seas Europewide for our customers.

The company has been part of the Wischhafen-based Karl Meyer Group of Companies in
(www.karl-meyer.de) since 2014, and moves a fleet of 15 freighters with a total tonnage of c. 30,000 t.

Nowadays our ships, up to a size of 3,000 t load rating, in the North European sea areas from the Bothnian Sea to the Bay of Biscay.


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