WES energy GmbH

Österstraße 15
25693 St. Michaelisdonn

+49 4853 88198-0
+49 4853 88198-97

The WES group of companies has four divisions with a total of 42 employees.

The biggest member of the WES Group, WES energy GmbH, plans and realises wind farms. Besides classic project development we also provide modular services for ensuring successful project implementation.

WES energy also has adomestic technology department that realises everything to do with technology in buildings. This includes heating, solar plants, plumbing, ventilation, electrics and photovoltaics. We have developed our own small wind turbine, the WESpe 5.0, which is built at our company headquarters. We offer advice, realisation, service and maintenance for all components.

WES IBS Betriebsführungs- u. Verwaltungs GmbH is responsible for the technical management of wind turbines. We ensure optimum availability using 24/7 monitoring. Another service we offer is video endoscopy.

WES Handels- u. Verwaltungs GmbH is your professional partner for everything to do with the commercial aspects of your wind turbines. The portfolio stretches from investor support to assumption of liability and the bookkeeping for your operating company.


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