Schneider Electric GmbH

Küterstraße 8-12
24103 Kiel

+49 431 64953 30
+49 431 64953 20

As a globally operating specialist in the field of energy management and automation with branches in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric provides integrated solutions for energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, machinery and industrial equipment, building automation, computer centres, data networks, and residential buildings.

Schneider Electric’s energy division works worldwide with c. 18,000 employees at all levels of the energy supply chain, offering a comprehensive range of highly reliable products, systems, plants and services. In Germany the electric energy division is customer oriented, with 26 sales offices in three regions and with its own production facilities.

The Kiel branch office, part of the Schneider Electric sales network in Germany, is the energy division’s sales channel in Schleswig-Holstein. Our staff in Kiel are the people to speak to about anything to do with your power supply and distribution.


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