Schneider Controlling-Consulting GmbH

Am Wiesenhang 31
54516 Wittlich

+49 6571 95621-00
+49 6571 9562198

The name Schneider has stood for expertise and experience in the construction industry for over 20 years. Deciding we were fed up with the most varied obstacles in building site operations, we first decided to take on the right of way negotiations and corresponding documentation in the pipeline and cable route sector. There was, and still is, a great need for work to be done by ones own company.

So shortly after the millennium it came to the establishment of the first company: Schneider Consulting GmbH

The tasks relating to construction work that we now take on, include:

  • Project management and consulting,
  • Construction management and supervision,
  • Right of way,
  • Stocktaking and
  • Documentation.

Perfect coordination and planning is particularly important in projects involving many different firms, up front, during the building work and in the follow-up phase. We offer our customers the opportunity to get all services from one and the same source. That way our customers only have one contact – us.

A fast growing field that we have also become involved in is work safety and accident prevention. This resulted in the establishment of an additional company in 2007: Schneider Controlling Consulting GmbH

The fields of activities of Schneider Controlling Consulting GmbH include:

  • Work safety and accident prevention
  • Health and safety
  • Measurements (including curve measurements)
  • Documentation
  • Industrial first aid training
  • BGV A3 examination
  • UVV examination
  • Environmental protection and waste disposal


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