Nordgröön Energie GmbH & Co. KG

Hauptstraße 49
24994 Medelby

+49 4605 18848-0
+49 4605 18848-20

Out of the north and into the markets. The "virtual" combined power station from Niebüll.
Your plant, our energy logistics: together we can get more out of the shift to renewable energy – for everybody - because Nordgröön helps you to operate your production plant more efficiently. Whether it is a wind, photovoltaic, biogas or biomass plant.

Get to know Frisia’s number one energy logistics provider. Our instruments, our range of services, our team and our partners. Nordgröön provides energy-related services in the renewable energy sector, including

  • Direct marketing of electricity,
  • Operating reserve marketing or also
  • Demand-actuated production,
  • Rounding off consumer-side integration.

Our goal is to establish a centre for energy logistics know-how here in the north and to make this know-how available to our region.


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