Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse

Holm 22-28
24937 Flensburg

+49 461 1500 5555
+49 461 1500 5599

The Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse (Nospa) has built up expertise in financing renewable energy projects over many years. This is primarily so in the field of wind power, one of the bank’s main strategic business fields, but also with regard to energy generation from biomass and solar power.

Particularly the west coast is an outstanding location for generating wind power. The pioneering days have long gone, and the first generation of windmills have been gradually written off. More efficient turbines are replacing their smaller predecessors. Nospa is also investing its complete expertise in “repowering”, assisting its customers in an advisory capacity and taking over existing wind financing commitments. Thanks to its many years of experience the bank is especially impressed by this form of energy generation. Profitability, good convincing management and the site quality are factors for success.

The Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse, member of windcomm schleswig-holstein e. V. and the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) can rely on a close and proven network. It works closely together with the Investment Bank Schleswig-Holstein and the Energy Agency, with insurers, surveyors, planning offices and other co-operation partners. And the Nospa experts know all the current funding programmes.


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