Neas Energy A/S

Kühnehöfe 1
22761 Hamburg

+49 40 8970 9344

NEAS ENERGY is an independent internationally active energy trader with special focus on Europe-wide energy trading and generation management, especially for electricity from renewable sources and decentralised cogeneration systems. Our goal is to provide project developers, operators and investors the best marketing service on the European energy markets.

At NEAS ENERGY our own staff look after all the processes in the value added chain in house. The company has its own trading floor so that it can react to changes in the various markets as quickly as possible. This way we keep the volatile energy markets controllable for you and give you better planning security for your projects.

NEAS ENERGY currently markets over 3,700 MW installed renewable energy capacity in its core markets Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. On top of this, we also market 1,700 MW of cogeneration plants. A large proportion of these plants can now be controlled from our 24-hour control centre.

The NEAS meteorologists also compile their own weather forecasts in addition to the normal market forecasts, thus ensuring high standards of quality. The software for the monitoring and controlling of the investment portfolio has been developed by a group of experienced programmers over a period of ten years.


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