Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein

Fleethörn 29 – 31
24103 Kiel

+49 431 9905-0
+49 431 9905-3383

The Schleswig-Holstein Investment Bank (IB) is the State of Schleswig-Holstein’s central business development funding establishment. As adviser and financier from the very start, the IB has supported the wind industry in Schleswig-Holstein from the early days, thus doing pioneer work. The Business Division and the Energy Agency now provide comprehensive financing and consultancy services. 

In co-operation with local banks, the IB provides loans for commercial projects in Schleswig-Holstein (and also for Schleswig-Holstein enterprises in other regions) and integrates public funding into the project financing. The support ranges from financing and project development to economic evaluation and risk assessment, thereby also taking into account the individual needs of banks and operators.

The IB works with the state ministries, the Schleswig-Holstein Innovation Foundation, the Chamber of Agriculture, universities and other development institutions in Schleswig-Holstein. It also advises foreign customers from the state and business sectors about the development and use of their respective wind energy potential and about the financing of wind energy projects.


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