Flughafen Husum GmbH & Co KG

Am Flugplatz
25813 Husum

+49 (0) 4841 9666-0
+49 (0) 4841 9666-50

Husum-Schwesing Airport, 6 km northeast of the county town of Husum, has become an important part of the infrastructure necessary for the wind industry. As well as business, air ambulance, private and sporting flights, the airfield is also used for helicopter flights for offshore servicing operations to research stations and wind farms, and serves as point of departure for a variety of monitoring flights with multi-engined fixed-wing aeroplanes. Future plans include the option of storing spares and other goods at the airfield to enable the fastest possible aerial deliveries. This is why the operating company, Flughafen Husum GmbH & Co KG, is involved in wind industry company networks.

The civilian airfield is situated on part of the former NATO airfield in Husum-Schwesing, ICAO-Code EDXJ, and has a take-off/landing strip measuring 1,450 by 30 metres. It has permission for aircraft up to a weight of 14 tonnes and helicopters up to a weight of 10 tons by day, runway beacons and a general permission for night flights.

It also has an aviation fuel station and hangars for aircraft. The airfield is also used as a sport airfield for motorised, ultra-light and glider aeroplanes.


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