Fachschule für Technik und Gestaltung Flensburg

Schützenkuhle 20-24
24937 Flensburg

+49 461 852534
+49 461 852988

The Flensburg College of Design and Technology provides those with previous professional experience and extensive two-year advanced vocational training course designed to meet the requirements of the employer and leading to qualification as state certified designer or engineer. The joint goal of all training courses is the acquisition of the technical and practical skills for tasks at operational management level. We offer the following specialisations:

Electrical engineering, facility management, wood technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics (part-time sandwich course), interior design and wind engineering.

We offer our c. 200 students individual skill training and an application-oriented learning environment.
Holistic learning using complex, practice-based interdisciplinary task and problem formulations enables professional and personal exchange of all involved, and characterises the pedagogical concept of adult education. Specialised laboratories and workshops, which can be worked in outside college hours, complement the educational programme. Day trips and longer excursions are offered for plant tours and visits to trade fairs and exhibitions, enabling a lively confrontation with the demands of practical application that are supported by industrial placements in several disciplines.


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