Ebert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Am Kiel-Kanal 2
24106 Kiel

+49 431 5305-2330
+49 431 5305-2339

Ebert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH advises and supports project developers, operators and site owners with the planning and realisation of their renewable energy projects, with spirit and legal expertise.

We see ourselves as a consulting and service provider for all phases of your renewable energy projects. As well as providing sound legal advice, we pay particular attention to our customers’ business affairs, because as an entrepreneur you are not just interested in being in the right, but in having business success.

With this understanding we find economically viable and cost-efficient solutions for our clients. By ensuring detailed contract design our goal is to avoid any later disputes, thus securing the value of your project in the long term.

Our network: Law meets Taxes

Nowadays, tax regulations affect virtually all areas of life, often without you even realising it. Advice and design is also not possible in the field of renewable energy without tax expertise. This is why we combine these fields in the competencies of our specialised lawyers.


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