Nordex installs first N131/3600 near Husum

01. Dez 2016

Publicly owned wind farm in Schleswig-Holstein serves as test site for recently introduced Nordex wind turbine

The Nordex Group has received the first order for the installation of its second turbine introduced in September, as the company announced in a press release. The manufacturer will be setting up its light-wind N131/3600 turbine in December in the publicly owned wind farm “Windtestfeld-Nord” close to Husum in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Project developer is GP Joule, a Schleswig-Holstein-based company.

The turbine is expected to produce an annual energy yield of 12.9 million kWh, equating to a capacity factor of more than 40 percent. Nordex will be installing the turbine on a 106 metre tubular steel tower. After commissioning the manufacturer is to have the sound power level and technical performance of the N131/3600 measured there for site-specific certification. As Nordex says, the N131/3600 is able to produce a good ten percent more energy compared to its forerunner. Particular attention was paid to a low sound power level when this model was developed.

"As a project developer increasingly involved in the wind sector, the construction and operation of the Nordex N131/3600 virtually on our doorstep is an exciting project for us. The test field offers us an opportunity to thoroughly test this turbine class in real operation at a wind-intensive site from planning through construction down to commercial and technical operation management," says Ove Petersen, co-founder and CEO of GP Joule, explaining why the company decided in favour of this project.

Find here the complete press release “Nordex installs the first N131/3600”.


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