SET Tech Festival

In 2021, the SET Tech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary! The motto of the year "Reduce, Reuse, Re-energize" will give participants the opportunity to rethink the industry through the theme of circular economy.




German Energy Agency


Mi, 20.10.2021

The SET Tech Festival is born out of the belief that political, economic and civil stakeholders should be working hand in hand towards one goal: innovate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically. To do so, a focus should be set on one of the key elements of limiting global warming: the energy transition. The energy industry needs more innovative solutions that can be scaled at a rapid pace. That is why, at Start Up Energy Transition, we believe in a fruitful and cooperative dialogue between energy start-ups, corporates, investors and policymakers.

The SET Tech festival not only brings together a global network of innovators, it also gives participants access to the most innovative start-ups in the field of energy solutions and connect them with innovation-driven corporates, investors, and public organizations looking to foster the energy transition.

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