Lise-Meitner-Straße 2
24941 Flensburg

+49 461 9992-200
+49 461 9992-213

Business development – the strong partner for enterprises
WiREG is the partner for businesses for all matters relating to municipal authorities, especially relating to site issues, searching for commercial real estate, investment decisions, questions about building law etc. We are also the right people to speak to about other concerns relating to the labour market, subsidies, looking for co-operation partners.

Regional development – forward-looking andcross-border
Tourism co-ordination, conversion management and establishing clusters and networks – also cross-border – open up new opportunities and perspectives. Together with our partners, the municipalities in the Flensburg/Schleswig region, we work towards further developing the commercial and industrial infrastructure, supported by state, federal and EU funding programmes. Flensburg/Schleswig offers modern, appropriate industrial estates with supporting advisory services and efficient communication structures.

Promotion of innovation – focused support
The Flensburg Technology Centre provides office and production space for business start-ups and the first years of growth. A shared secretariat, technical equipment, conference rooms, the contact to the business development agency and the exchange of experiences with other innovative enterprises complete the services and facilities offered, and make the start-up phase that much easier.


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